I – Music

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      Organ Music Hymns
I am not Ashamed-Hudson 
I’m not ashamed to own-Organ-Jackson 
I am not Skilled to Understand-Organ 
I am so glad that Jesus loves me-Organ 
I am Thine O Lord-Organ 
I am Trusting Thee Lord Jesus-Organ 
I am Weak but Thou Art Strong-Organ 
I Came to Jesus Weary Worn-Organ 
I Can Hear my Saviour Calling-Organ 
I Come to the Garden Alone-Organ 
I gave My life for Thee-Organ 
I Have decided to follow Jesus-Organ 
I Have Found a Friend in Jesus-Organ 
I Hear the Saviour Say-Organ 
I Hear Thy Welcome Voice-Organ 
I heard an Old Old Story-Organ 
I Heard the Voice of Jesus-Organ-Kingsfold 
I Heard the Voice of Jesus say-Organ 
I Know Not Why God’s Wondrous-Organ
I know that my Redeemer-Organ-Dk St 
I know that my Redeemer-Organ Tri 
I know that my Redeemer liveth-Organ 
I Love to Hear the Story-Organ 
I Love to Tell the Story-Organ
I Must Tell Jesus-OrganI need  
I need Thee ev’ry Hour-Organ
I sing the mighty Power of God-Organ
I Stand Amazed in the Presence-Organ
I Was Once a Sinner-Organ
I Was Sinking Deep in Sin-Organ
I will Sing of my Redeemer-Organ
I Will Sing-Organ-Hyfrydol
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story-Organ 
I’m Not Ashamed-Jackson-Organ 
I’m Pressing on the Upward Way-Organ 
Immortal Invisible-Organ 
In Christ there is no-Organ-Bernard 
In Christ there is no East of West-Organ 
In Loving Kindness Jesus Came-Organ 
In Memory of the Saviour’s Love-Organ 
In Tenderness He Sought Me-Organ 
In the bleak mid winter-Organ-Cranham 
In the Cross of Christ-Organ
In the Cross of Christ-Organ-Oswald 
Is Your life a Channel of Blessing-Organ
It is Well With My Soul-Organ
It Came Upon a Midnight-Organ (Noel) 
It came upon the Midnight Clear-Organ 
It is a Thing Most Wonderful-Organ 
I’ve wandered far away-Organ 
      Piano Music Hymns
I am not Ashamed-Hudson-Piano 
I’m not ashamed to own-Piano- Jackson 
I am not Skilled to Understand-Piano  
I am so glad that our Father-Piano 
I am Thine, O Lord-Piano 
I am trusting Thee-Piano 
I Gave My Life for Thee-Piano-Kenosis 
I have Found a Friend-Piano 
I hear the Saviour say-Piano 
I hear Thy Welcome Voice-Piano 
I Heard the Voice of Jesus-Piano-Kingsfold 
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say-Piano 
I know Not Why God’s Wondrous-Piano 
I know that my Redeemer lives-Piano 
I love to Hear the Story-Piano 
I Love to Tell the Story-S Piano 
I need Thee Every Hour-Piano 
I sing the Almighty Power of God-Piano 
I Stand Amazed in the Presence-Piano
I was once a Sinner, but I came-mp3
I was Sinking deep in sin-Piano 
I will Sing the Wondrous-Piano-Hyfrydol 
I will Sing the Wondrous-Piano-Bilhorn 
I will sing of my Redeemer-Piano 
I’m not ashamed-Piano-Jackson 
Immortal, Invisible-Piano 
In Christ there is no East or West-Piano 
In Loving Kindness Jesus Came-Piano
In Heavenly Love Abiding-Piano 
In Memory of the Saviour’s Love-Piano 
In Tenderness He Sought me-Piano 
In the bleak mid winter-Piano-Cranham 
In the cross of Christ-Piano-Oswald
Is your Life a Channel of Blessing-Piano 
It came Upon a Midnight Clear-Piano 
It is a Thing Most Wonderful-Piano 
I Surrender All-Piano 
I’ve wandered far away-Piano 
     Small Band Music Hymns
I am not Ashamed-S Band Hudson 
I’m not ashamed to own-S Band-Jackson 
I am so glad that Jesus loves-S Band 
I am Thine, O Lord-S Band 
I am trusting Thee Lord Jesus-S Band 
I am weak but Thou art Strong-S Band 
I can hear my Saviour calling-S Band 
I Come to the Garden Alone-S Band 
I Gave my Life for Thee-P Band 
I have decided to follow Jesus-S Band 
I have found a friend in Jesus-S Band 
I hear the Saviour say-S Band 
I hear Thy Welcome Voice-S Band 
I Heard an Old, Old Story-S Band 
I Heard the Voice of Jesus-S Band-Kingsfold 
I heard the voice of Jesus say-S Band 
I know not why God’s wondrous-S Band 
I know that my Redeemer-S Band-D St 
I know that my Redeemer lives-S Band 
I know that my Redeemer liveth-S Band 
I love to hear the story-S Band 
I Love to Tell the Story-S Band 
I must tell Jesus-S Band 
I sing the mighty power of God-S Band 
I Stand Amazed in the Presence-S Band
I was once a sinner-S Band 
I was once a sinner-Key Brd-Marr
I Was Sinking Deep in Sin-S Band 
I will sing the wondrs-S Band-Hyfrydol 
I will sing the wondrous-S Band-Bilhorn  
I’m Not Ashamed-Jackson-S Band 
I’m pressing on the upward-S Band 
Immortal, Invisible,-S Band  
In Loving Kindness Jesus Came-S Band 
In the Cross of Christ I Glory-S Band 
Into Thy presence we come-S Band 
It came upon a Midnight Clear-S Band 
I Surrender All-S Band