Ken’s Articles on the Christian Faith

Ken’s Articles on the Christian Faith

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At any Church gathering it can be readily demonstrated that most Christian conversations occur in childhood.

Just ask those present to indicate if they became disciples of Jesus during their childhood or teen years.

Many believers will raise their hands.

Then ask,  “ Which of you were converted in your 20s?” fewer hands will go up. And almost no hands will be raised to indicate a turning to God in later years.

In other words, the  days of our youth seem to be a powerful “hearing aid”, a time when God’s voice can be still be heard above the sneers of cynics, the doubts of unbelievers, or the cares and burdens of life

Now many adults in today’s society are understandably worried about our high suicide rate.

Well, we should also be concerned about whether Australia families are introducing their children to God.

If we leave Him out of our lives, we reap what we sow.

How gracious of God to give us the freshness and responsiveness of youth.

From our earliest days He speaks to us.

And if He can’t speak through our parents, He uses other positive contacts – teachers, relatives, a minister, or some other friends.

Meanwhile, do keep your ears open because He may even be speaking to you.

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                   GOOD NEWS IN BRIEF

“You are my hope, O Lord God;  You are my trust from youth. By you I have been upheld from my birth…. My praise shall be continually of You.” Psalm 71: 5-6

Ken Packer

  (I am a writer based in South Australia who has been privileged over many years to write columns for city and country newspapers in Australia. My simple goal has been to share good news and hope with a world sorely lacking in both.

I hope as you visit these pages that you will find encouragement and stimulus for thought. I have discovered through all the ups and downs of life that contentment is to be found in relationship with God. May you gain glimpses here of the same reality.

Welcome to this website!  Ken Packer)

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