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Generations follow generations – yet it lives.

Nations rise and fall – yet it lives.

Kings, dictators, presidents come and go – yet it lives.

Torn, condemned, burned – yet it lives.

Doubted, suspected, criticized. – yet it lives.

Damned by atheists – yet it lives.

Scoffed at by scorners – yet it lives.

Exaggerated by fanatics – yet it lives.

Misconstrued and misstated – yet it lives.

Ranted and raved about – yet it lives.

Its inspiration denied – yet it lives.

Yet it lives – as a lamp to our feet.

Yet it lives – as a light to our paths.

Yet it lives – as a gate to heaven.

Yet it lives – as a standard for childhood.

Yet it lives – as a guide for youth.

Yet it lives – as an inspiration for the matured.

Yet it lives – as a comfort for the aged.

Yet it lives – as a food for the hungry.

Yet it lives – as water for the thirsty.

Yet it lives – as rest for the weary.

Yet it lives – as light for the heathen.

Yet it lives – as salvation for the sinner.

Yet it lives – as grace for the Christian.

         To know it is to love it.

         To love it is to accept it.

To accept it means life eternal.

                                            Author Unknown

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