Jack’s Column

Life’s Convictions

Each day Marlene and I follow “Every Day with Jesus” study notes written by the late Selwyn Hughes. One study was on Life’s Convictions and below we have a list of those which makes for some interesting thoughts on life for a Christian.

  1. The Bible is true and absolutely trustworthy.
  2. The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ provides the most profound revelation in the universe.
  3. God’s way is the only way that works.
  4. That there is a great deal of mystery in life, and simply accepting this is better than striving to find explanations.
  5. Deep spiritual change comes not so much from outside in, but from the inside out.
  6. There will be little or no advance in the Christian life without a disciplined spirit.
  7. Life on this planet is exceedingly painful and difficult.
  8. The most important issue in the universe is that of relationship.
  9. Love is indeed the strongest force in the universe and will ultimately prevail.
  10. Everything that happens to us, good, bad or indifferent contributes to life if we know how to use it.
  11. God has more to give to us, His church, in terms of the Holy Spirit than we have seen in this generation.
  12. God’s glory must be the point of everything we do.