H – Video

To download songs or video’s, right hand click on video or song and place cursor on  “Save Link as” and save to your files. 


          Organ Video Hymns
Hail the day that sees Him-Organ-HD
Hallelujah sing to Jesus-Organ-HD
Hark my soul it is the Lord-Organ-HD
Hark the glad Sound-Organ-HD
Hark the Herald Angels-Sing-Organ-HD
Have Thine own way Lord-Organ-HD
Have you any room for Jesus-Organ-HD
Have you been to Jesus-Organ-HD
He leadeth me-Organ-HD
He lifted Me-Organ-HD
Hear the blessed Saviour-Organ-HD
Hear ye the Master’s call-Organ-HD
His eye is on the sparrow-Organ-HD
Holy Father Great Creator-Organ-HD
Holy Holy Holy-Organ-HD-Nicea.
Holy spirit light divine-Organ-HD
How Far From Home-Organ-HD
How Firm A Foundation-Organ-HD
How Gracious are Thy Mercies-Organ-HD
How Sweet the Name of Jesus-Organ-HD
          Piano Video Hymns
Hail the day that sees Him-Piano-HD
Hallelujah sing to Jesus-Piano-HD
Hark my soul it is the Lord-Piano-HD
Hark the glad Sound-Piano-HD
Hark the Herald Angels-Sing-Piano-HD
Have Thine own way Lord-Piano-HD
Have you any room for Jesus-Piano-HD
Have you been to Jesus-Piano-HD
Hear ye the Master’s call-Piano-HD-Tan
He leadeth me-Piano-HD
He lifted me-Piano-HD
His eye is on the Sparrow-Piano-HD
Holy Father Great Creator-Piano-HD
Holy Holy Holy-Piano-HD-Nicea
How Firm A Foundation-Piano-HD
How Gracious are Thy Mercies-Piano-HD
How Sweet the Name of Jesus-Piano-HD
       Small Band Video Hymns
Hark The Herald Angels S-S Band-HD
Have Thine Own Way Lord-S Band-HD
Have You Been To Jesus-S Band-HD
He Leadeth Me-S Band-HD
He Lifted Me-S Band-HD
Holy Holy Holy-S Band-HD
Holy Spirit Light Divine-S Band-HD
How Gracious Are Thy Mercies-S Band-HD