H – Music

To download songs or video’s, right hand click on video or song and place cursor on “Save Target as or Save Link as ” and save to your files.   


      Organ Music Hymns
Hail the day that sees-Organ-Llanfair 
Hallelujah Sing to Jesus-Organ 
Hark my Soul it is the Lord-Organ  
Hark the glad sound the Saviour-Organ 
Hark the Herald Angels Sing-Organ 
Have Thine own Way Lord-Organ 
Have You Any Room-Organ 
Have you been to Jesus-Organ 
He Hideth my Soul-Organ 
He leadeth me-Organ 
He Lifted Me-Organ 
He is Lord-Organ 
Hear the Blessed Saviour-Organ
Hear ye the Master’s call-Organ-MP3
Holy Father, Great Creator-Organ-R Sq 
Holy, Holy, Holy-Organ
Holy Spirit, Light Divine-Organ-Mercy 
How far from Home-Organ
How Firm A Foundation-Organ-Mp3
How gracious are Thy-Organ-Kingsfold
How sweet the Name-Organ 
      Piano Music Hymns
Hail the day that sees-Piano-LLanfair 
Hallelujah sing to Jesus-Piano 
Hark my soul it is the Lord-Piano 
Hark the glad sound-Piano-St Saviour 
Hark the Herald Angels Sing-Piano 
Have Thine own way Lord-Piano 
Have you any room for Jesus-Piano 
Have You Been to Jesus-Piano 
He Hideth My Soul-Piano 
He Keeps me Singing-Piano 
He Lifted Me-Piano 
He Leadeth Me-Piano 
Holy Father, Great Creator-Piano-R Sq 
Holy, Holy, Holy-Piano 
How Firm A Foundation-Piano-Mp3
How gracious are Thy-Piano-Kingsfold 
How Sweet the Name of Jesus-Piano 
     Small Band Music Hymns
Hark the Herald Angels Sing-S Band 
Have Thine own way Lord-S Band 
He Lifted Me-S Band 
Have You Been to Jesus-S Band
Hear ye the Master’s call-S Band-MP3
He’s all I Need-S Band 
He Leadeth Me-S Band 
He is Lord-S Band 
Holy, holy, holy!-S Band 
Holy Spirit, Light Divine-S Band-Mercy 
How gracious are Thy-S Band-Kingsfold 
How sweet the Name of Jesus-S Band