C-D – Music

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      Organ Music Hymns
Christ for the World We Sing-Organ 
Christ is risen Halle-Organ-Morgenlied 
Christ the Lord is Risen-Organ 
Christ Whose glory fills the skies (Spanish Hymn) 
Christians Awake-Organ 
Come Christians join to Sing-Organ 
Come Holy Ghost-Organ-St Stephens 
Come Holy Ghost-Organ-Richmond
Come let us all unite and sing-Organ 
Come Let us Sing-Organ 
Come Let us to the Lord our God-Organ 
Come Sinners to the Gospel Fst-Organ 
Come Thou Almighty King-Organ-Moscow 
Come Thou Fount-Organ 
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus-Organ 
Come Thou long Exp-Organ-Hyfrydol
Come to the Saviour-Organ 
Come to the Saviour Now-Organ
Come, we that love the Lord-Organ 
Come ye Thankful People Come-Organ 
Creator Spirit by Whose Aid-Organ 
Crown Him with many crowns-Organ
Dear Lord and Father-Organ
Dear Lord how precious-Organ-Lloyd 
Ding Dong Merrily on High-Organ 
Does Jesus Care-Organ-MP3
Down at the Cross-Organ 
Down in the Valley-Organ 
Doxology-Old 100th-Piano
Dying with Jesus-Organ 
      Piano Music Hymns
Christ for the World We Sing-Piano
Christ is Risen Halle-Piano-Morgenlied 
Christ the Lord is Risen Today-SPiano 
Christians Awake-SPiano 
Come Christians join to sing-Piano-Madrid 
Come let us all unite and sing-Piano 
Come Let us Sing-Piano 
Come Thou Fount-Piano-Nettleton 
Come Thou long Expected-Piano-Hyfrydol 
Come Thou long Expected-Piano-Stuttgart 
Come to the Saviour-SPiano-G F Root 
Come to the Saviour-SPiano-Invitation 
Come we That Love the Lord-Piano 
Come ye Thankful People-Piano 
Creator Spirit-SPiano 
Crown Him with Many Crowns-Piano 
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind-SPiano 
Dear Lord, how precious-Piano-Lloyd 
Ding Dong Merrily on High-SPiano 
Does Jesus Care-Piano-Instrumental-MP3
Down at the Cross-SPiano 
Down in the Valley-SPiano-Cushing 
Doxology-Old 100th-Piano
Dying With Jesus-SPiano-Moody 
     Small Band Music Hymns
Christians Awake-S Band
Christ is Risen Hallelujah-S Band 
Come Christians join to Sing-S band 
Come Thou Fount -S band 
Come Thou long Expected-S Band 
Come we that Love the Lord-S Band 
Come, Thou Almighty King-S Band-Moscow 
Come ye Thankful People-S Band
Crown Him With Many Crowns-S Band
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind-S Band 
Dear Lord how precious-S Band-Lloyd 
Does Jesus Care-S Band-MP3
Down at the Cross-S Band 
Dying with Jesus-S Band