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Facing tough times    Part 1

Our extended family summer holiday was very different in 2017.

We grieved the loss of two adult siblings who always joined us at the seaside every year.  We also mourned the death of an unborn child of my grand-daughter.

In stressful times such as death, severe illness, or family breakdown, children and adolescents can need special help and support.

How to cope and be resilient when life is tough?  Dr. Ginsburg identifies seven C’s.

First, building CONFIDENCE (confirming diligence, persistence, optimism) can be a source of strength when “curved balls” come our way.

Second, COMPETENCE is an important attribute for young people to acquire.  So a vital step of empowerment is to encourage their decision making, rather than making decisions for them.  Families can also encourage existing individual strengths, whether it be in music, sport, or other areas where they excel.

Third, having strong CONNECTIONS to family, friends, or the wider community are so valuable.  God can use other people in our lives in a powerful way when times are difficult.

In promoting emotional security, close and extended families can have a significant role in giving support through positive messages and particularly in their encouragement to address conflict openly.

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God encourages positive influences upon our children.  (Ephesians 6.4).

 Ken Packer

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